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Surf — 18 January, 2016

Post surf

Emma Elwin is happy about being back home but is already missing…

Surf — 16 January, 2016

Until next time

Emma Elwin is saying goodbye to the beautiful view of the ocean,…

Surf — 4 January, 2016

Surf, eat, sleep and repeat

Emma Elwin is enjoy spending more time in the outdoors, which is…

Surf — 22 December, 2015

Stormy weather

Emma Elwin is spending this stormy California day inside under a blanket.

Surf — 19 December, 2015

Nine plus

Emma Elwin is grateful to spend her mornings riding waves with a…

Surf — 16 December, 2015

Bing surfboards

Emma Elwin paid Bing Surfboards a visit the other day and found…

Surf — 5 November, 2015


Emma Elwin is preparing for her next surf trip that will go…

Surf — 21 October, 2015

Last days of summer

Emma have a terrible surf addiction...

Surf — 16 October, 2015

Back home

Emma Elwin is back at the office after a week of surf,…

Surf — 15 September, 2015

Twenty-four days

Emma Elwin is starting the count down for her next surfing trip.

Buy less, choose well — 30 August, 2015

Under the same sun

Emma Elwin is loves her eco-friendly bikini made by 86% REPREVE polyester and recycled…

Surf — 14 August, 2015

Longing for the ocean

It has been less than two weeks with no surfing, and I…